Kisakuya is a Japanese production company that produces TV programs and commercials to be aired not only in Japan but all across the globe.
Our experienced staff will attend to all production needs and handle every core element including research, shoot and editing.


Staff members

tanaka japan tv

CEO, Director of photography

Toshihiko Tanaka

Possesses great unifying force and brings out the best in all of our unique staff.

Having a broad perspective, works all over the world as a cameraman that is able to reveal the inner character of each person.

At home, he is a loving dad to 4 kids.

suzuki japan tv

International Coproduction General Producer

Shiori Suzuki

California-raised Shiori has experience producing mainly in the US – her expertise includes everything from commercials to documentaries and she holds amazing collaboration skills while shooting amongst a multinational team.

With an experience of working with over 18 countries under her belt, she readily resolves issues that arise from cultural differences to get projects going. Hobbies include searching for the most recently buzzed topics and antiquated newspaper article clippings. She is running around all year in search of hot topics in hopes of creating a life changing show.

Her secret skill is to be able to stay put on a computer all day. Shiori loves bar hopping, the blue sky, and serving a cup of matcha in the morning for herself.

matsumotojapan tv

Executive Director

Kei Matsumoto

Kei gets the directors together and takes charge in checking the work before it is final. He also arranges the schedule.

ishikawa japan tv


Takeshi Ishikawa

Takeshi’s strengths shine bright when handling variety shows, reality shows and commercials. He is extremely skilled at analyzing everything to get the production right. Putting his past experience spent in Sydney to full use, Takeshi now flies all over the world for interviews. Being the lovable person he is, he is loved by anyone who he is involved with during his interviews, including animals. Takeshi is also fancied by the ladies.

abe japan tv


Hajime Abe

Hajime is very flexible and will take extra lengths to get his work done. He is the leader of the young directors team. Having witnessed the lives of the people living in Tohoku after 311, his aim has since been to pour all of his efforts into creating a show and to finish it off with no regrets.

Hajime doesn’t eat much, but he’s constantly worried about getting fat.

kumata japan tv


Masaya Kumata

With his deeply empathetic direction, Masaya has the ability to unveil a hidden side to the person he interviews through the show he creates. Always tries to stay original with his visual techniques.

He loves his acoustic guitar more than anything, even more than eating three meals a day. Deeply loves the music project “Playing for change”.

shigeharu japan tv

Editing operator, audio, English assistant

Shigeharu Matsumoto

Chief editor. Shigeharu is in charge of a number of shows, commercials and VP. Being extremely knowledgeable about the latest equipment and IT, Shigeharu creates the system for the company and takes care of it. His dexterity is beyond amazing and can untie any knot and can complete any mindboggling puzzle piece. His hobby is music – leave it up to him on the drums and the double bass.

yoshida japan tv

Cameraman, Video Engineer

Atsushi Yoshida

Atsushi is in charge of getting every engineer duty running on schedule.

Atsushi is a hard worker, and never allows room for mistakes. He appears to be hard to talk to at first, but he’s actually quite charming – he is interested in cooking and collecting cutlery.

takanohashi japan tv

Chief cameraman

Koji Takanohashi

The most reliable cameraman out there. He is beaming with energy and handles time-consuming tasks such as documentaries very well.

Koji is a rice enthusiast and has the ability to guess where the rice is from, just by taking a single bite. Therefore his main concern lies in the future of the farming industry.

sato japan tv

Audio, Lights.

Tatsuya Sato

Tatsuya has a soldier’s heart and can work under any challenging circumstance. Will take extra length to create a crisp, clear sound, and works very well with lighting that needs a twist.

He likes to fish on a quiet day off, and he is constantly trying to come up with silly jokes.

However, these silly jokes always fail to make people laugh.

shiho japan tv


Shiho Sato

Shiho is able to break any tension built in the office. She finishes tasks off briskly and is great with the calculator you won’t even notice her fingers moving. She loves to keep up with trends, and will not miss out on the latest sweets.

nozomu japan tv


Nozomu Shimaka

Nozomu has the ability to shoot interviewees from a uniquely creative angle. With his amazing conversational skills, those who are being interviewed quickly open their hearts to him before they even know it.

It’s the years of playing rugby that allows him to withstand long hours of intense camera work.

Nozomu is extremely talkative and the staff have a hard time cutting him off sometimes.

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