Kisakuya is a Japanese production company that produces TV programs and commercials to be aired not only in Japan but all across the globe.
Our experienced staff will attend to all production needs and handle every core element including research, shoot and editing.

international department

International Department

I’m sure you’re aware that shooting abroad is difficult since the culture and environment differ greatly. Especially with Japan, our culture has a completely different infrastructure compared to the West, and many people find it difficult to find someone who they can liaison through. Many also face the problem of not receiving enough information/budget offered is not preferable.

Just because one can speak Japanese, it does not necessarily indicate the fact that it would be easy to shoot in Japan. With that said, there needs to be a significant amount of experience shooting in Japan, as well as a good source of network and research. One will also require a team that knows how Western shows are shot, how to derive affordable budgets, and a team that can understand what the client wants in terms of casting as well as other vital information relevant for the shoot.

We have worked in the U.S. as well as here in Japan, and have the experience of collaborating with international productions to produce shows. We therefore satisfy the criteria mentioned above that underlines the essential aspects for a good production.

We can also communicate in Spanish as well as English and other languages if necessary.

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Shiori Suzuki
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